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Data dodania: 2006-10-08 11:33:28
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<Fangir> Dear American Goverment

Matter of may letter is a seriuos one so please do not treat it lightly as some kind of joke.
At this time my beloved country is drowning in chaos. Our goverment is a mess and our politicians have no ideas what they are doing. We heard news from the outside world. We saw wonderful things you did in Iraq and Afganistan. We have seen the gift of Democracy you brought upon thos uneducated barbarians.
My and my honourd fellow student see no other way then the protecting shild of americans eagle wing.
Pleas invade my country, together raise our fist against evil, that occure in our capitol. We are counting on You
Yours truly
<Grejfrut> hehhehe
<Grejfrut> pierdole na prawde to wyslesz ?? :D
<Fangir> tak
<Fangir> a czemu nie ? ;]
<Grejfrut> w sumie
<Grejfrut> a noz sie uda :D

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